Toolbelt IV - The Wrench



Fruits of our collaboration with Kate McGuire from Converted Closet - Pendragon is proud to present a collection of ultimate tool belts. Each one classic yet versatile - let them inspire you to give your wardrobe a new life.

  • 100% organic certified leather (buy less, buy well)
  • Handmade in England
  • Presented in 100% recycled & recyclable gift boxes
  • Fits on hips or on the waist
  • ONE SIZE - can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of sizes


 Meet Kate:

Converting our clothes is something we can all do, we are ALL creative. We just need a bit of inspiration (hello!) and someone handy with a sewing machine (try your local dry cleaners). Through videos, podcasts, style hacks and How To… Guides I demystify the process of converting clothes, helping you to unleash your inner designer and supercycle your closet


Convert your clothes

Obviously! You don’t have to buy new, there’ll be some gems in the back of your wardrobe that are just waiting for a conversion. Use these belts as well as my instagram and YouTube channel for ideas on how to convert your clothes. Find out more about conversion.



1. If you are estimating your size then as a rule of thumb - go one size up from you jeans size. Wearing a jeans in size 34 - then your belt size is 36!

2. Measuring an existing belt is the more accurate method of getting your size just right.

Do's: Measure from the very start of the leather strip (where the buckle meets the leather) up to the hole that fits you best in inch. This is the size you order.

Don'ts: Don't measure the total belt length and don't include the buckle.

For personalised monogramming please use the mongramming options while ordering. Please note that monogrammed products are excluded from or returns policy. If you are in any doubt - please contact us for assistance.

Ever had the feeling that you are just in between two sizes? If you should be in need of a custom size or an item seems out of stock - please email and we shall be happy to assist you.


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