Rooted in history and with a strong British heritage, we elevate time-honoured Pendragon products into the 21st century - with a focus on longevity and end-of-life recycling solutions. 

We act responsibly to minimise our impact on the environment - through functional design, local manufacturing and innovative materials.

Let's face it - 100% sustainability does not really exist in our world today. Every product, every material, requires finite natural resources to be produced, processed and shipped. This is the case for every brand.

Therefore, we advocate the notion of degrees of sustainability and our efforts to offer our customers the choice to make informed decisions. Whilst at the heart of our vision sustainability plays a pivotal role, we realise that the path we are on will always evolve with new research and new material progress. We stand ready for this change.

In the meantime - we endeavour to offer, beautiful slow fashion accessories that age gracefully.

Please find out below about how we achieve this.



The leather industry is only at the beginning of the sustainability journey - as consumers start becoming more sensitive about the provenance as well as the environmental, social and public health impact of the leather goods they purchase. Consumers increasingly demand more quality, reliability and sustainability. 

We go to great length in order to encourage respect for the quality of the animals’ lives. It is paramount to us that the animal has been raised humanely and that the leather is tanned naturally through the use of plant and non-toxic materials.

Our leather is sourced from the last existing British tannery of its kind. Working with hides deriving from free roaming livestock from small farms in the West Country.

Oak bark tanning is exceptional due to its 14-month long, sustainable process that protects the natural fibres of the hide unlike modern tanning methods. 

Any waste water discharge into the environment is avoided because of the  exclusive use of oak bark, plant tannins and lime to cure, preserve and tan our leather.

This gentle, but lengthy process protects the natural fibres of the hides, ensuring a distinctive, durable leather that develops a beautiful patina with age.

Why are we so passionate about our leather? Not only is it sustainable, non-polluting and 100% environmentally friendly, but we believe it is the finest material available today. 



Recycled Brass Hardware: our buckles are exclusively made for us in one of the last remaining English foundries from repurposed scrap brass. Individually sand cast and hand polished - they are of unmistakable quality.

Recycled Packaging: Our packaging is made in Britain from 100% FSC certified and recycled materials. It is also 100% recyclable.



Leather and buckle meet in the saddlery. Using an ancient saddle stitch method, our belts are handmade using the traditional tools of English Master Saddlers.

Every detail is considered, from burnished edges to oval shaped belt holes for a perfect fit.

The ancient saddle-stitch-method is a time consuming art that creates masterpieces to last a life-time.

Lin Cable Au Chinois is the most resilient waxed linen thread. The strands are twisted twice before being immersed in beeswax and then brushed with horsehair.