Let’s face it – there is no such thing as 100% sustainable as we all exploit finite resources to bring a product to market. No greenwashing here at Pendragon!

Instead, we take pride in driving sustainability through every element of our supply chain from initial design to final packaging - offsetting the carbon emission that we could not eradicate along the way. 

We reject fast fashion by creating high-quality, long-lasting products, and offer repairs and a return to recycle program – making sure every products lifespan is maximised.

Traceable Oak Bark and Organic


How does one reconcile sustainability with creating leather products? Is there such a thing as guilt-free leather?  In our case we strongly argue ‘yes’.


Our leather is a tough, durable, ages beautifully and is biodegradable versus 'vegan' leather alternatives with are chemically bonded, coated with plastic and soon end up in landfill.

Traceability and organic tanning processes play a major part. Our leather is sourced from the last existing British tannery of its kind. This extraordinary tannery uses oak bark to tan hides that are traceable back to small surrounding farms in the West Country. These farms put the welfare of the animals at the heart of their business. Due to favourable farming conditions this leather outperforms all standards in terms of durability and elegance.  

Oak Bark tanning is a rare practice that takes 14 months. Any waste water discharge into the environment is avoided because of the exclusive use of oak bark, plant tannins and lime to cure, preserve and tan our leather.

This gentle, but lengthy process protects the natural fibres of the hides, ensuring a distinctive, durable leather that develops a beautiful patina with age. This is a material of rare beauty – you can see it; you can smell it and you can feel it and you need to buy it only once. 


For our exclusive collection with Converted Closet we sourced ‘organic certified’ leather from Sweden. These are traceable back to organic farms surrounding this Swedish tannery. Unavoidable emissions due to air miles are being offset by us.

British Made

Recycled Hardware

Our buckles are exclusively made for us in one of the last remaining English foundries from repurposed scrap brass. Individually sand cast and hand polished - they are of unmistakable quality.

#Pendragon Brings it Back

Master Saddlers

All our products are proudly made in Britain. 

Our aim is to grow the existing workshop facilities in Papworth - Cambridge and help to transmit time honoured  skills to the next generation, revitalising our dying heritage crafts and finally to re-establish Britain’s reputation for world-class craftsmanship. 

Our oak bark bridle leather belts are saddle stitched using traditional tools by our English Master Saddlers. The ancient saddle-stitch-method is a time consuming art that creates masterpieces to last a life-time. 

Please find out more about critically endangered crafts on the Heritage Crafts Associations website.



Our packaging is made in Britain from recycled paper that is made from 100% post industrial waste fibres and has been awarded the "Blue Angel" certification. It is Acid free and Lignin free.

End of life recycling solutions

Designed for sustainability

All our products are designed to be of timeless quality and are objects of soul and purpose.

Todays zeitgeist dictates that products should not only last but they should have end of life solutions considered in the initial design process. 

We are soon launching a collection which will not only bring out the innate longevity of bridle leather to its fullest potential but solves a common dilemma - the mixing, bonding, stitching of materials into one product making them inextricable from each other. 

To keep more items from ending up in landfill, Pendragon is soon launching products with a considered approach to solve this problem. Intrigued?

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