We believe life should be rich in experiences but low in material turnover - our belts are made to last a lifetime. Our skilled craftsmen use their expert knowledge to make finest pieces which will be treasured.

The innate quality and craftsmanship means that we provide a good for life warranty with pride.

It is a reflection of our ambition to seek out the most authentic craftsmanship and premium leather, to provide our customer with nothing but the absolute best in the industry.

Our partner tannery in Devon is world renowned for producing irresistible, high-quality leather that stands the test of time. All our belts are saddle stitched by hand according to time honoured skills and will last a lifetime.

Our production is always thoughtful and rooted in British tradition and skills. Therefore, our good for life warranty is an honest reflection of our dedication to advocating craftsmanship and slow, sustainable fashion.

Invest in our leather keepsakes and we will help you maintain their pristine condition for years to come.


If your belt has a manufacturing fault - we see it as our responsibility to repair it. 

Regrettably, our lifetime guarantee does not cover:

  • Extreme Wear & Tear
  • Third-Party / Customer Alterations.
  • Misuse of the product. 
  • Factory Seconds / Sample Sale products. 
  • User-Customised / Modified products.

'Lifetime' is defined as the lifetime of the product under normal operating conditions. We reserve the right to determine that a product is beyond repair. Postage costs are non-refundable. 

We do not cover any damage caused to an item by personal misuse or due to fair wear and tear over the natural life of your purchase. Our repair team, however, are happy to mend the item for a fee if this is the case.


1. Contact us via email or telephone to raise the issue with our Customer Service team.

2. If your item is authorised under the warranty, we will ask you to send it to our Head Office for repair. We kindly ask that you include a note with your name, contact number and a short explanation of the fault.

3. Once we have received the item, a member of our Customer Service team will get in touch to update you on the repair.

4. The repaired item will be returned to your address.