Classic tan colour belt with either brass or silver buckle - fits any chinos and jeans. Durable and long-lasting - outperforming standard casual belts.

Pendragon belts are handmade in the UK by skilled craftsmen with traditional tools of English Master Saddlers - exclusively from oak bark tanned leather.

A gentle 14 months-long natural tanning process gives this leather a characterful patina that will develop beautifully throughout its long life - not unlike fine Bordeaux.

The buckles are individually sand-cast in one of UK's last remaining traditional foundry from solid brass with a lustrous nickel coating, hand-polished to a shiny finish.

Belt width: 1.5 inch

Find out more on how to condition your belt in order to prolong its lifetime and other natural remedies to treat our leathers in our LEATHERCARE section.



1. If you are estimating your size then as a rule of thumb - go one size up from you jeans size. Wearing a jeans in size 34 - then your belt size is 36!

2. Measuring an existing belt is the more accurate method of getting your size just right.

Do's: Measure from the very start of the leather strip (where the buckle meets the leather) up to the hole that fits you best in inch. This is the size you order.

Don'ts: Don't measure the total belt length and don't include the buckle.

Belt Size XS S M L  XL XXL
INCH 32 34 36 38 40 42
CM 80 85 90 95 100 105

It's important to look after the things we own. All our products come with a small sample of our 'All Natural Leather Care'. A proprietary blend of natural waxes, oils and butters. This rich, conditioning wax restores suppleness and lustre to dehydrated leather.

DIRECTION: Apply and allow 15 minutes to fully absorb into leather. Buff with a horsehair brush or flannel cloth.