Toolbelt III - The Hammer


Fruits of a collaboration with Kate McGuire from Converted Closet - Pendragon is proud to present ‘The Hammer’ - part of the Tool Belt Collection.

‘The Hammer’ is the perfect tool to cinch in your waist creating an amazing silhouette. It’s the perfect statement piece to wear over dresses, jackets or tops for a super-chic polished look.

  • 100% organic certified leather (buy less, buy well)
  • Handmade in England
  • Presented in 100% recycled & recyclable gift boxes
  • Fits on the waist with size S/M and M/L (both belts have the same body base but the M/L size is 6 inches longer at the tip)

How to Style The Hammer

  • Follow the instructions on how to tie your belt
  • Cinch in on your waist for an amazing silhouette
  • Wear over coats and jackets to create a stylish ‘new’ look and shape
  • Great over dresses and skirts for a super-chic statement Leave the end hanging loose to create a feature or multiple-knot it for a neater look

Free Belt Reconditioning

We believe investment pieces should last a lifetime which is why we only use the highest quality materials and offer a free repair and reconditioning service for your Tool Belts.

Kate McGuire & Converted Closet

Kate McGuire is a ‘conversion designer’, sustainable fashion advocate and the founder of Converted Closet. Through instagram @convertedcloset, she shows her followers how to alter the style, size and fit of their clothes, turning them into high end, unique pieces that look and feel fabulous.

About The Tool Belts

Kate McGuire and Pendragon designed the Tool Belt Collection to be the ultimate clothing conversion tools. Tool Belts are beautiful, sustainable investment pieces that will transform your wardrobe for life and, the more ways we have to style our clothes, the less we’ll need to buy new. The most sustainable clothes are the ones we already own.

Kate McGuire
Founder, Converted Closet

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